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Health Carousel Philippines Honors its 1st DAISY Awardee

Health Carousel Philippines Honors its 1st DAISY Awardee

September 2, 2020

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Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. proudly announces another groundbreaking milestone in its partnership with internationally-renowned The DAISY Foundation which established The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nurses. The Daisy Award is a recognition program aimed to honor the exemplary work that nurses do for their patients and patients� families.

In partnership with The DAISY Foundation and through coordination with our principal Health Carousel LLC (HCLLC), The Daisy Committee of Health Carousel Philippines Inc. (HCPI)has chosen the very first recipient of The DAISY Award.� We initially started with 26 entries and ended up with the final 8 nominees from which we have finally selected our first ever awardee. All these nurses have demonstrated an extraordinary act of compassion not only with their patients, patients� families, and colleagues.

We are proud to announce our very first recipient of The DAISY Award through Health Carousel Philippines, Ms. Formeliza Buaya.


Formeliza, or Formz as what she is fondly called, has been practicing Nursing for more than 6 years now. Currently, she is assigned in the General Ward of the Cong. Simeon G. Toribio Memorial Hospital in Bohol. Formz graduated from Holy Name University in 2014.

The awarding ceremony was virtually conducted on August 27, 2020 and was attended by all the members of the HCPI DAISY Committee including Connie Dela Cruz and Nyra Colinares, the President and VP of HCPI respectively, Nurse Fomeliza Buaya, Officers and employees of �Cong. Simeon G. Toribio Memorial Hospital with� Chief Nursing Officer Ms. Deborah Ampoloquio and �Chief Hospital Officer Dr. Josephine Jabonillo as well as Formeliza�s Health Carousel International Program Advisor, Czar Caparas. Earl Dalton, the CNO of HCLLC, and Christy Craft, the Chairperson of the DAISY Award, Health Carousel, LLC participated also in the awarding through a video message. The employees of the hospital also witnessed the event. During the ceremony, Formz was presented with The DAISY Certificate, The DAISY Pin, The Healer�s Sculpture, The DAISY bag, and a list of benefits, Cinnabon Rolls, and the official DAISY Banner which will be hanged in their unit.

Upon knowing that she has been chosen as the DAISY Awardee, mixed emotions filled her and she was somewhat speechless at first as she did not really expect the said recognition. She went on to thank the HCPI team as well as her colleagues and supervisors in their hospital.

She also humbly stated that she was just doing her job like anyone else. Formz also shared that the moment she passed the Philippine Nurse Licensure Exam, she promised herself that she will practice Nursing with all her heart. She will serve her patients without bias or discrimination and will always put her heart into everything she does wherever this profession may lead her. Such powerful yet humbling words to hear from such a truly extraordinary nurse. This even made Forms all the more deserving of the recognition. May this award further inspire her to be such a genuinely compassionate nurse that she already is and inspire everyone around her to be the same. We are all extremely proud of you, Formz.

This is just the beginning. Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. in partnership with The DAISY Award shall continue to honor and recognize nurses that demonstrate exceptional dedication in caring for their patients and patients� families. Watch out for our next DAISY Awardee for the third quarter of this year!

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Watch the DAISY Award Ceremony for Nurse Formeliza

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