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Journey to the U.S.

Your journey to the United States requires patience, hard work and dedication. That is why Health Carousel Philippines and the PassportUSA program provide a dedicated team member committed to your success at every step in the process. Once you team with Health Carousel Philippines to help facilitate your professional certification, U.S. immigration, and relocation to America, you officially have the backing of the world’s preeminent ethical healthcare recruiting organization.

Our Support Teams

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Your Health Carousel Philippines Partners

Recruitment Team

This group assesses a candidate’s qualifications and explains the program’s benefits, responsibilities, and general processes — all while ensuring that you and your family members understand all parts of the contract.
Your Health Carousel Philippines Partners

Processing Team

After your contract is signed, an International Program Associate (IPA) will work with you every step of the way until visa filing. The IPAs are responsible for collecting documentation and making sure you are on track to pass any necessary exams, such as NCLEX or IELTS. They coordinate test-prep resources and any coaching in conjunction with an internal certified IELTS instructor
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Your Health Carousel Philippines Partners

Deployment Team

As you reach closer to achieving your American Dream, this department will prepare your transition to the United States. Your International Deployment Associate (IDA) will be responsible for collecting applicable healthcare professional documents, filing state licensure and Visa applications. They also coordinate with the Account Managers to schedule client interviews and collaborate with the Travel & Housing Team to prepare the candidate for their transition to the USA.
Your PassportUSA Partners

Pre-Deployment, Arrival & Resettlement Teams

These support teams in the U.S. make sure all travel arrangements, temporary housing, and U.S. transportation is set up flawlessly prior to your arrival in America. Arrivals Specialists meet every candidate at the airport and spend time helping you get your U.S. household established, not to mention assistance in setting up bank accounts, driving lessons as needed, introductions to your worksite and teammates, and much more!
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Your PassportUSA Partners

Quality Improvement Team

Led by a group of experienced nurse leaders with more than 50 years of combined U.S. healthcare experience at award-winning healthcare organizations, this team administers a curriculum to get global healthcare professionals ready for U.S. placement and practice. They make your transition as easy as possible and represent a valuable asset for training and guidance throughout your whole assignment.
Your PassportUSA Partners

International Employee Supervisors

This group assures all the day-to-day items such as time sheets and paid-time-off requests are maintained. International Employee Supervisors (IES) are available every hour of every day to help you with your adaptation to the U.S., provide tips on budgeting, secure employment for spouses, and other matters concerning your stay in the US.
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Process Timeline

Explore the simplicity of our immigration process.

Step One
Let's talk

Interview with one of our international recruiters and get qualified for the PassportUSA program. Your American dream is within reach!

Step Two
Get prepared

Upon joining our program, you will be assigned an International Program Associate (IPA) who will instruct you on the documents necessary to file your visa petition.

Step Three
Legal review

Our experienced legal team will review your documents multiple times before your visa petition is submitted to USCIS. We’re making progress!

Step Four
You're approved

Your priority date is secured when your petition has been approved by USCIS, which represents your “place in line” to obtain your visa.

Step Five
New partnership

Once approved, your IPA will assign you to an International Deployment Advocate (IDA) who will help you through the remainder of the process.

Step Six
Gather documents

Your IDA will help you gather required documents for the National Visa Center (NVC), which our legal team will submit on your behalf. It’s getting exciting!

Step Seven
Get credentialed

We send you a list of credentials to work as a healthcare professional in the U.S. and guide you through immigration, assignment selection, and embassy interview preparation.

Step Eight
Visa fee bills

Once your fee bills are paid and the NVC documents are submitted, the NVC reviews your case and deems you “documentarily qualified.” You’re now eligible for an embassy interview!

Step Nine
Facility interview and assignment

We will begin submitting your résumé to our client facilities who have open positions that meet your skill set. The timeline of this interview process varies for everyone based on client needs and your skills

Step Ten
You're selected

Upon successful completion of your interview with one of our client facilities, you will receive an offer which will finalize your assignment location.

Step Eleven
Embassy appointment

You will receive notice of approval of your U.S. visa at your embassy appointment. Your arrival date to the USA will be determined pending completion of credentials, state licensure, and available orientation dates.

Step Twelve
Welcome to America

You did it! Get excited as you and the Health Carousel International team work on arranging travel, housing, flight logistics, and deployment. Congratulations on fulfilling your #AmericanDream!

U.S. Arrivals

Nurse Elaine Defied Odds and Found Her U.S. Nursing Career with Health Carousel

We must choose the right people to entrust our application and Health Carousel has indeed fulfilled them as they have promised.


Nurse Berlie Joy Flourishes in Her U.S. Career Journey

A lot of applicants wanted to go to the US but just a few of them are dedicated enough and persevere to continue the process until the end. It was a very rewarding experience because now that I am finally setting my feet to the ground of the land of opportunities.

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