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DAISY Awardee: Nurse Marigold's Extraordinary Compassionate Care for a Child

DAISY Awardee: Nurse Marigold's Extraordinary Compassionate Care for a Child

September 23, 2021

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The 6th DAISY Awardee of Health Carousel Philippines, Inc.(HCPI) received the award thru a virtual ceremony on September 2021. The awardee is Marigold Corcino of� Panabo City, Davao Del Norte. She is currently working in Somoso General Hospital, Inc. as a Staff Nurse.

The ceremony was attended by� Ms. Maria Fe Concepcion, the immediate supervisor of Marigold, leaders of Health Carousel Philippines,� Ms. Marivic Doctor, and Ms. Connie dela Cruz, the President and Chairman of the Board respectively.

Marigold's story may be ordinary but the extraordinary compassionate care she showed to a child stood out from the stories of other nominees.� ��Being part of this event (pandemic) in human history is truly rewarding and memorable and I now truly understand what the �Together, We Heal As One� logo means.

With the goal of giving recognition to extraordinary nurses and promote excellence in Nursing, the DAISY Award is open to all Nurse candidates of Health Carousel.� �The award is given quarterly. Nurses may apply multiple times but should carry different stories. Daisy awardees are given Daisy Pin and their names are put in the roster of Daisy Awardees from around the world.

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Q2 DAISY Award Ceremony�

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