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February 8, 2022

When most people nowadays are coping with the major changes that COVID19 has brought into their lives, admittedly or deniably, they are fitting into the new norms just to survive for a day. The come-what-may attitude is starting to creep due to uncertainties brought about by the COVID-19 crisis.


The need for IELTS or even getting to the United States and fulfill the American Dream becomes obscure. Confined to homes and stuck at workplaces such as hospitals, the passion within is slowly fading.

Despite everything that is happening around, let us not forget that there are some people, in contrast to the majority, who see things differently. We call them the visionaries, and Health Carousel is one of them.

Health Carousel firmly believes and is heavily invested in the continuity of its commitment to nurses like you to successfully live and work permanently in the United States. All processes are functioning actively, including IELTS preparation. Though IELTS test centers are closed in the meantime, they can resume operations once the quarantine is lifted.

The question here is, are you ready to take and pass IELTS when testing centers re-open?

IELTS review centers temporarily suspend their operations, and though some are offering online courses, it is a burden to pay since money is very much hard to earn nowadays. Nonetheless, Health Carousel has anticipated this for quite a long time and came up with the IELTS online review program with Clarity English that started a couple of years back. This has not been appreciated well by other candidates, however, at this time of quarantine, they learn to highly appreciate its use because they can review in the comfort of their own homes. In fact, there is a surge of Dynamic Placement Test Takers and they are now enrolled in their respective programs, such as Road to IELTS or Active Reading.


Here are some successful tips on how to keep you on track with your American Dream journey:

  1. Take time to watch CNN, BBC, or any English news. No time to watch? You can listen to podcasts or if you are busy at home, just play it in your background to enhance your listening and speaking skills.
  2. Think in English and spend time at home talking in English with your family members. Remember, they are your dependents and they must acquire fluency in English to enjoy its culture upon arrival in the US.
  3. Read English newspapers or magazines to boost your vocabulary and sharpen your reading comprehension skills.
  4. Have free access to Health Carousel�s IELTS programs. Talk with your advisor about your preferred time so you can take the DPT or Dynamic Placement Test and start reviewing your IELTS course.
  5. Book a speaking coaching with your advisor or you can start speaking in English with your advisor so you get used to the language and develop confidence and competence in making conversations. Remember that IELTS is all about your opinions and you can never wrong in expressing your views.

Ready to take the IELTS? Here are the IELTS schedules for 2020 for both PB and CD IELTS.


For candidates abroad, please check with the IELTS test center nearest you.

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