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A DAISY Award was given to a nursing student who saved the life of a street vendor in Cebu City whose neck was slashed by her partner.

A DAISY Award was given to a nursing student who saved the life of a street vendor in Cebu City whose neck was slashed by her partner.

March 8, 2023

A DAISY award for extraordinary nursing students was given by Health Carousel Philippines in coordination with Health Carousel, LLC and DAISY Foundation to a nursing student who saved the life of a street vendor in Cebu City whose neck was slashed by her partner. The awarding was held during the capping ceremony of nursing students of University of Cebu in Waterfront Hotel Cebu on February 21, 2023. The awarding was witnessed by 749 nursing students, nursing faculty, parents, and guests who were attending the capping ceremony and representatives from Health Carousel Philippines. Kristianne Joyce Noelle Ona, the one who assisted Angyl, was also honored as DAISY nominee.

Here is the story of the DAISY awardee Angyl Fayth Ababat:

Angyl Faith Ababat, a nursing student of the University of Cebu (UC) and her classmates were in the downtown area to buy school requirements. While she was waiting for her classmates outside the shop, she was just a few steps away from a woman who was selling mangoes. A man suddenly pulled the woman’s head and slashed her neck. The man was believed to be the partner of the 54 yr old woman. When Angel saw that the woman was about to collapse and she noticed that no one was helping, she fearlessly went to the side of the woman, whose neck was bleeding, and she provided first aid that saved the vendor from certain death. Angyl used a discarded shirt to apply pressure on the wound to prevent further bleeding. She was controlling the bleeding until the medical team arrived to bring the woman to the hospital. A bystander said, “she was brave enough to help the woman despite of the situation that the assailant may still be around. It showed her compassion as a nurse.” The nursing student of the University of Cebu said “ People were running away from the area, When I saw the woman was about to collapse, I told myself, if no one will help, then who will? That was why I immediately responded”. Even days after the incident occurred, Faith and her friends continue to monitor the woman’s condition. She and her classmates reached out to the victim’s relatives to make sure that someone will be watching over the older woman at the hospital, and learn about her recovery progress.

Angyl on her interviews in media has this message:

Always choose to be kind and be a blessing to others in your own little way. For aspiring nurses and doctors, I know what we’re pursuing is hard and sometimes we get little to no sleep. But we know that it will be worth it in the end because someday, somebody’s life will be in your hands and it takes a lot of courage and passion to dedicate yourself for the welfare of others.

*The Health Carousel Philippines Inc., in cooperation with Health Carousel, LLC and DAISY Foundation, is promoting the DAISY Award in the Philippines by partnering with schools and hospitals who are willing to honor their nurses and students.

--Source: Her extraordinary story was also published on other digital news media.

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