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"Helpful and always ready to answer queries." - Hazel, USRN

"Helpful and always ready to answer queries." - Hazel, USRN

January 5, 2021

I started the program in late 2016. There was no office yet in the Philippines, so all communications were from Ohio, USA. I remember Mike Comerford never fails to remind me of what are the documents that I need to complete. It took me time to submit because I was working full time in an Emergency Dept. in Dubai, UAE and almost all the documents are from the Philippines. I was transferred from one IES to another, from the US to the Philippines but most of them are helpful and always ready to answer queries and help in any way possible. I had a good experience with Mike Comerford, Rochelle Junio and Joniel Cimeni, Amelyn Salapante, Roda Mae Cardoso, and Juliet Adeyamo. These people are doing an excellent job in helping the candidates in the process of achieving �The American Dream�.I have learned to be extra patient, strong, and have a positive attitude while waiting for my deployment. Joniel knew what I have been through before I arrived in the US. The COVID 19, the lockdown, played a significant part in my journey before going to the US. I almost give up, but I will achieve nothing if I will do that.To my fellow candidates, always have a positive attitude. Be quick to submit the required documents, ask, ask, and ask your IPA/IES if you have doubts or questions. Then, do your part too as a candidate if there will be some bumps along the way. Finally, always communicate.Will you be next? Sign up with us, today:[button link=""] BEGIN YOUR AMERICANDREAM![/button]

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