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"Reaching your dream is not an easy task." - Jerick, USRN

"Reaching your dream is not an easy task." - Jerick, USRN

April 7, 2021

I joined the program around mid-year of 2017 when Sir Mico emailed me. To be honest, I wasn�t sure if the agency was a scam. However, I researched about their company and program and tried my luck with them. I took the aspire program and was able to take NCLEX without paying a single peso. From there, everything becomes smooth. HCPI will email you as frequently as possible to make the application process faster. I am glad I had this journey with HCPI. With regards to my advisor, I am thankful enough that they guide, help me in processing my application, and encourages me when I am about to lose morale.I appreciate the work of Sir Mico, Ms. Liana, and Ms. Steph. Without these advisors� words of encouragement and support, I won�t be able to be in this situation. The biggest learning from this process is to immediately give the documents they requesting and plan out everything. Delay in submissions of documents can also result in the delay of your flight. Planning out everything means doing everything they�ve told you from the start. Saving for pocket money, completing seminars and training as soon as possible, and preparing the documents available. This will prevent stress that will build up at the end if you did not plan it out in the past.My message to future USRNs:My message to my fellow healthcare workers, it would be a difficult journey even from the start. Working in a hospital while reviewing for NCLEX and IELTS is not an easy task. The documents they requesting can only be processed during the off duties that you wish you should be resting. Your morale will be beaten to the ground. However, I assure you that it is worth it. So, don�t lose hope and just believe in the agency�s capabilities. You must always �The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory.�

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