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"Handled my deployment in an organized and timely manner!" - Kristine, USRN

"Handled my deployment in an organized and timely manner!" - Kristine, USRN

January 19, 2021

I am a Nurse for 14 years and have served in my home country, the Philippines, and the UAE. It was not easy, rather, it is almost an everyday quest of asking myself if this profession is right for me. Through time, I was amazed by the mind-set transformation this career did to me. By just continue doing my duties, I gained a rich working experience, met lots of people from all walks of life, and expanded my professional family. I am happy, fulfilled, and accomplished in my field and it came to a point when I am not anymore expecting to advance my career in the USA. Since my college days, the American dream is an everyday task for me. I study and work hard looking forward to this goal. But due to the retrogression and the waves to where my career took me, I almost forgot about it and continue life as it was offered.Surprisingly, in 2017, I was introduced to Health Carousel. I joined their US deployment program and started to revive my dream. Luckily, the process of my deployment has been smooth. I was expecting that the application process will take a long time and will be chaotic, however, I was proud and happy how Health Carousel team handled my deployment in a very organized and timely manner.My International Deployment Advisor, Ms. Lenci Orilloza, handled my case and requests very professionally. She is very responsive and acts fast. The details and instructions of the things that need to be done are always clear and concise. She works above and beyond what is expected from her. In my journey, there have been challenges, not to mention, the pandemic restrictions during the time of our deployment, which affected the process, but Health Carousel team surely prepared me for these challenges well. So, here I am now in the USA with my family. Ready to start a new and continually enriching my nursing career. Health Carousel is a blessing to me and to my family. My American dream was fulfilled. I will always be thankful to God for Health Carousel.To my fellow healthcare workers, we shall always remember that what we do is extraordinary. Despite the pandemic and global retrogression, all our sacrifices, and our hard work, will pay off. Our profession will remain strong and is a blessing to our community. These should leave us with joy and hope every day. We must learn to find ways on how to enjoy each day and feel grateful because God sees what we do. Surely, we will encounter situations unknowingly that will lead us to reach our goals, in time. My professional experience is always challenging, interesting and has unending progress and room for growth.� I am sure that each of us if we allow, the process to teach and enhance us, opportunities will surely come. We need to have faith, trust the process, and patiently do our part to continually grow. Good luck and God bless our journey.Will you be next? Sign up with us, today:[button link=""] BEGIN YOUR AMERICANDREAM![/button]

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