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"Don’t give up and be patient." - Aimel, USRN

"Don’t give up and be patient." - Aimel, USRN

February 15, 2019

It all started from my childhood dream, a dream that led me to this chapter of my life. I had a hard time deciding on what steps to take after I graduated from BSN course. At that point, I was looking for an agency that will help me go through my journey towards my American dream. I was searching and asking my colleagues to gain insights on what agency would be best to help me. I was working in a postgraduate program for nurses in a private hospital when I met a fellow colleague, through her I was able to learn about Health Carousel. She shared her thoughts and experiences with Health Carousel and I started to ponder.  Through then, I searched for it and read the reviews about it to guide me in making a decision.It was November 2017 when I finally decided to contact Health Carousel through an email. My IPA was quick to respond to my mail and even with my queries. We had a talk through the phone and I’m glad that my expectations were met. It was that month also that I signed my contract. With my interaction with my IPA and with my experience, I can say that it was a pleasant one. They can help take a big step to start with my journey.Knowing that they have a sponsorship program for NCLEX I didn’t have a doubt to sign immediately. I’m quite uncertain at first because I had anxiety on the pre-test but happily I was able to make it. It is such a blessing for me to be under the sponsorship program.Going through the review process I admit that it was not easy. Somehow I am lucky enough that I am not working during my review for I didn’t continue with my work. I have ample time but somehow it is a challenge on how to make use of it wisely. I still have tasks to do at home and there’s much distraction that I have to confront especially with the use of social media. At the start, I struggled on how to start the review, what topic to tackle, and what material to use and how to start. I knew to myself that I don’t like to write notes and I can’t stand on reading too long topics from books. But with the help of the testimonies and review materials in the Facebook group of IPASS, I was able to come up with my own study plan. I started with the review material given to me by Health Carousel and when I finished it I go ahead to study the Saunders book. I was able to push myself to write notes for my reference and post some notes in my room’s wall. Due to the strong feedbacks, I also decided to purchase Uworld NCLEX for further enhancement. I was somehow frustrated with my scores since I can honestly say that the questions were difficult but instead, it pushed me to be particular with the rationales and to understand each one thoroughly. I also answered the first part of La Charity (4th edition) since there is a lot of questions about delegation and prioritization.  A month before my exam, I studied Mark Klimek’s notes and I listened to some of its audio reviews. This helped me a lot on how to simplify the things that I have studied.For the application process, this was a smooth one because IPASS is there to guide me. Instructions are complete and can easily comprehend. The staffs are also responsive to my queries. Even though I waited long for my school documents, the time I was able to complete my papers the process went on smoothly. All I have to do is to concentrate on reviewing since I know that I am in good hands with my IPASS family.When I received my ATT and the time comes that I need to choose my schedule for the exam, my anxiety level increases. I was very anxious since I am getting close for the big day. With everything that helped me, praying to God was always on top. It was every time that I prayed to Him that I am comforted, relieved, consoled and given strength. Through Him I was able to overcome my inner struggles. My exam date was December 22, 2018, just in time for Christmas season. As a Roman Catholic, it was a part of me to complete the “simbang gabi” every year starting I was in Grade 6. This also helped me not because I completed it and asked for a wish as what many believe but it strengthened me and relieved my worries. On the day of my exam, I can say that it was a nerve-racking experience for me. My heart beats faster than the usual starting from the time that I arrived in the testing center until I finished. When I was done, I was kind of surprised that my computer already shut down and I was like in shocked that I’m done. It was a mixture of emotions. Until the day of the result came, I wasn’t expecting it that time but life is full of surprises, isn’t it? I was crying in front of my mother when I saw that I passed. It was also in time that my father was on the phone calling us since he is on board. He was very happy with me and he finally said that he can sleep. I can also finally sleep well since I can hardly sleep while waiting for the results. The waiting game was also tough, but worth it.Now that I was able to step up, I thanked my family for everything. To my IPASS family, ma’am Rachelle, ma’am Joyce, ma’am Jean, and ma’am Jneth thank you so much for making the process quick, easy and efficient. To my Health Carousel family, a lot of thanks for the support, understanding, and guidance you have given me. To my IPA, ma’am Martha (previously) and ma’am Jem (currently) thank you for the words of encouragement and for explaining to a lot of queries that I had. Thank you for helping me go through the process and for supporting me, it means a lot to me. To my colleagues who shared their testimonies, thank you for it serve as an inspiration and to those who shared their review materials, a big thank you also. Above all, to our Almighty God, a million thanks and I bring back the glory to You.To my fellow nurses who are about to take the journey, don’t give up and be patient. A lot of people around us are ready to help. Always pray for it is through Him that we can find the answers that we need and the strength to go on. Time management is necessary whether you are working or not and it is also important that you know what style/way of studying best fits yourself. God Bless everyone and we may all be able to achieve our dreams in God’s given time.

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