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"Equipped with skills and knowledge" - Melia, RN

"Equipped with skills and knowledge" - Melia, RN

August 10, 2018

I just got home from a busy shift that day when I received an email from my IDA regarding training.  Tired and hungry from the long day at work, honestly, I wasn’t really thrilled about it.  So I slept and gave myself a break.  The next day I accessed it as instructed.As I was running through the program online, seeing all those modules with all the tests and simulations required was quite overwhelming.   I started doing it. At first, I struggled with allotting time to study.  Most of it I did in the wee hours in the morning.  As the time goes on, as I started to do more modules, I found myself getting more and more interested.  I was looking forward to my next free time in the week to do the training for an hour or two.  I realized that in the many years of practicing my profession as a Nurse, there are certain nursing concepts, theories, and procedures that I have not performed or forgotten about because of a routine work that I do in the area that I am working at.  And so, I understood the need for us to do the Training  I was actually hooked, that I got carried away in doing almost all the modules, even those topics that aren’t on the checklist anymore. Yes, I answered them!  Good thing about having a Virtual Coach is that they are there to guide you all throughout and give you encouragements on the work that you’ve accomplished, and yes, to remind you of the checklist and guide you back if you’ve been carried away answering just like what I did  I’d like to thank my coach, Ms. Joanne Harrison for her efforts in guiding me  while doing the program and for always leaving encouraging messages for the modules that I’ve completed.  And I thank her for the kind words.What I liked about the online education system and simulation training is that they have a way of making learning fun and give you that sense of being able to challenge yourself while learning when you encounter lessons that are new or U.S. practices that are different from practices here in the Philippines.  My favorite part is in the APPLY module, the simulations.  Once again I was taken to the time in Nursing school when we were doing return demonstrations on proper procedures, especially in prioritizing patient needs.  I believe that mostly learners like me,  learn better in a dynamic and interactive kind of teaching materials, just like what the training has.And so, after roughly 10 weeks I was able to complete MY TRAINING, and I am GRATEFUL.  I believe that this has been a great opportunity for me to enhance my knowledge and equip me to be better in the practice of my profession.  Definitely, there is a difference between being a Philippine RN and being a US RN, that’s why I am thankful that Health Carousel afforded us this chance of being able to learn those differences and equip us with the skills and knowledge by enrolling us in the Training program.For the most part of the program, the challenge was in making extra time to study amidst juggling busy work schedule and family time.  But setting priorities and realizing that in our nursing profession, learning is constant and important to meet the diverse challenge of meeting patient needs that I was able to push myself and finish the Training program.  And I say that there is no greater feeling than being able to accomplish the task that you set yourself to do.  That’s exactly how I felt when my Coach sent me my Training certificate. The sacrifice is all worth the learning.  Now, I believe I am more confident in doing the next challenge in my profession, that is to be a US RN.Many Thanks!

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