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"They believed in my dream of working in the USA." - Janice, RN

"They believed in my dream of working in the USA." - Janice, RN

May 13, 2021

�Infuse your life with action. Don�t wait for it to come but instead make it happen.�It�s been a great pleasure to be under the management & care of Health Carousel Phil. Inc. Within the pandemic time, even though there are massive lockdowns ongoing the employees of HCPI were like front liners of the business industry, they provide the candidates with continuous communication and updates.It was challenging also for the applicants in securing the required documents as per the timeline but It�s a matter of two-way communication and openness with them for an extension until you accomplished the needed forms. As a matter of fact, I almost gave up on my American dream after waiting for ages from my previous agency but God is good. He directed me to HCPI, and within 3 months upon signing with them and completing all the requisites including my visa screen, they were able to proceed with my I-140 and got approval after 8 days.Thank you HCPI for believing in me and pushing me toward my dream to work in the US with the help of your ever devoted employees especially to Ma�am Gmae (my IPA In-charge). Always pursue your dreams no matter what obstacles are in front of you, God will send people to help you go through.

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