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"My IELTS exam is a worthwhile journey!" - Geraldine, RN

"My IELTS exam is a worthwhile journey!" - Geraldine, RN

July 29, 2021

Health Carousel Philippines assists its candidates to pass the IELTS by providing complementary test preparation resources and test sponsorship if candidates meet the minimum prerequisite score on our predictive exam.Here's Geraldine's story, one of our candidates who has been sponsored for her IELTS and assisted throughout the process.IELTS exam is definitely a worthwhile journey and I wouldn�t have made it without the help of Health Carousel provided me with great materials for my study especially did self-review�and I�m also thankful for their free IELTS mock test to make sure all of their candidates are ready to take the actual IELTS exam.I�m also grateful for all my friends and families who supported me throughout my journey. IELTS exam was not easy, I failed the first time I took it and I felt really devastated but the key to success is to NOT GIVE UP because DREAMS should be bigger than your doubts and fears. All great achievements require time so I practiced all IELTS sub-tests every day and even though sometimes I get low scores that didn�t discourage me, I did not give up. I kept taking practice tests until I polished my listening, reading, and writing skills. I also met few people on Facebook who were also reviewing for the IELTS exam and they had been my speaking buddies, we practiced the speaking tests every day. They were all dedicated and it was so contagious, they truly helped me build my confidence and fluency in speaking English.I finally got my desired score and I�m still jubilant and grateful to God. For those who will take their IELTS exam just believe in yourself and pray every day because the Lord our God never fails to fulfill His promise to His children. Practice speaking consistently and prayers really do wonders.Will you be next? Sign up with us, today:[button link=""] BEGIN YOUR AMERICANDREAM![/button]

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