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"I got my target score!" - Nurse Glemo

"I got my target score!" - Nurse Glemo

April 15, 2021

I passed NCLEX last March 2020, during that time lockdown was imposed and I got stranded in the Philippines for several months. Upon returning to Saudi, I started doing my research and looked for agencies to help me with my American dream. Then I found and signed up with Health Carousel. And I was endorsed to my IPA, Sir Jean Paul Bringas, who kept on monitoring my review progress and gave me some tips and advice to improve my speaking task.I really do not have an idea of how the IELTS exam goes, the only time that I did a search about it was when my IPA told me that I need to get the required scores in IELTS to proceed to the next process. I know I am not ready; however, I felt the need to book and take the exam soon because of insecurities in the timeline of others. I decided to file my exam last December 19, 2020, without telling my IPA even though I was not able to get the target score during my Predictive IELTS exam.With listening, writing the exam I knew how bad it was or what I thought I did, I lost hope and did not want to go back to the testing center for my speaking test. It's a good thing I decided to take the speaking test and told myself that I will just try to do my best and might get a band 7 for the speaking task then later retake the exam and ask for a combined score.January 3, 2021 (my birthday) I received an email from British Council that the result is available and surprisingly I got my target score!! I passed, somehow unbelievable but I passed. What I realized all throughout this journey was, what is meant for you, will make its way for you.And of course, All praise and glory to our Lord Jesus Christ who is a great giver of knowledge and wisdom. To my family who greatly supported me in every step. I also extend my thanks to Health Carousel and to my IPA (Sir JEAN PAUL) who are a huge part of this.

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