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"With the support of my family and friends, I made it!" - Nurse Marra

"With the support of my family and friends, I made it!" - Nurse Marra

February 11, 2021

Health Carousel Philippines assists its candidates to pass the IELTS by providing complementary test preparation resources and test sponsorship if candidates meet the minimum prerequisite score on our predictive exam. Here is Marra's story, one of our candidates who has been sponsored for her IELTS and assisted throughout the process. "NOTHING WORTH HAVING COMES EASY" Indeed, my IELTS journey wasn't that easy. When I passed my NCLEX, I realized my IELTS just expired, so I had to redo the exam. I had a few roadblocks along the way as I took the test during the lockdown, with my 10 mos old Daniela San. But with the support of my family and friends, I made it! Just like me, you too can do it! Take it slow and easy! Remember the song The Tortoise and The hare of Cocomelon? "Yes, it's true that Slow and steady wins the race". So glad I made my HCPI family proud (Especially Ma'am Gmae)! To everyone who prayed and cheered for me, thank you so much! I share with you this victory.

Commendation from Program Advisor: Marra has been very compliant and responsive throughout the process. Despite the challenges she went through during her IELTS preparation, she never gave up and was very determined to complete the exam. Looking forward to seeing her achieve her #AmericanDream come true very soon. Congratulations, Marra!

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