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"I'm very thankful!" - Nurse Iris

"I'm very thankful!" - Nurse Iris

August 24, 2018

I'm part of the Aspire Program, Health Carousel sponsored my NCLEX. I took my exam last April 03, 2018 and luckily I passed the exam. I used Saunders which is an online reviewer and was given to me by HC.

The key to passing the exam is not memorization but analyzation. Trying to understand not only the questions but the answers and rationales as well. Every chapter I tried answering questions --

I answered them as if I was taking the actual exam. After answering I wrote all the rationales. Correct answers mean nothing if you don't know why they are correct in the first place. If you know the principle behind the questions it will be easier for you to answer them.

Prayer is also a key to pass the exam. Do not forget to pray and ask for guidance every day. Thank Him for all your blessings. Always give yourself a little treat after a long day of review. Exercise is also good! Do not stress yourself too much and surround yourself with positive vibes! Lastly, I just want to thank HC, Ms. Martha and the whole team of iPass for helping me with my NCLEX journey. I ‘m very thankful to them for all their efforts to help me get through this. Thank you very much and God bless! To those who will take their exams good luck and may God bless you

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I had Health Carousel to lead me in my journey.

I had Health Carousel to lead me in my journey.


Health Carousel didn’t leave me. They supported me from the beginning until the end of the process.

I was blessed that Health Carousel is there to guide me towards the right path. I want to extend my deepest gratitude to Health Carousel for helping me achieve my lifelong dream, to work and live in the US.