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"USRN Na Ako! Finished strong with 75 items! " - Nurse Ansherina

"USRN Na Ako! Finished strong with 75 items! " - Nurse Ansherina

December 9, 2021

After months of struggling to balance both study and work, I'm finally one step closer to achieving my American Dream.

Praise the Lord for never giving up on me despite the negativities I made myself think. I'm forever grateful for all the blessings that you have showered in my life. It was hard trying to find the time and energy to study after a tiring day at work. Sometimes I choose to sleep instead or do something else which makes me guilty.

My agency always emailed me if there were any free review classes but unfortunately, it didn't fit my schedule, so I had no choice but to study all by myself. My goal was to answer at least 75 questions per day and study the rationales after. It was really helpful since it enhanced my test-taking skills. I didn't read a lot, since I got easily tired and it didn't seem effective to me. Rationales were my main thing during my review. So I guess from what I learned,

the best tip I could give is to try to know yourself first. Find out what strategies work best with you and your schedule. Rest if you need to. Don't be too hard on yourself. And of course, believe in God and yourself.

Lastly, I would like to thank Health Carousel for giving me this opportunity of a lifetime. Special thanks to Ma'am Patricia for always checking up on me and believing in me. Thank you also to Innovphil for patiently answering my queries and processing my application. And for those who supported me all the way, I am so grateful. I know this is just the beginning of something great. Finished strong with 75 items!

Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. assists nurses through two unique programs, Aspire and Achieve. Both programs are provided through our partnership with PassportUSA in the United States.

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