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"My Advisor guided and prepared me." - Nurse Bambe, NCLEX Passer

"My Advisor guided and prepared me." - Nurse Bambe, NCLEX Passer

May 5, 2020

Luke 8:50 "Do not fear; only believe, and she will be well". I am a nurse under the Aspire Program of Health Carousel since 2018. At first, I was hesitant to pursue it for I am afraid and I lack the self-confidence to conquer the beast (NCLEX). But my PA Ms. Patricia didn't let me go despite all the calls and email rejections I made. Maybe she's a God-sent Angel to guide and prepare me for where I am right now. I trusted Lord God, Father, and Jesus Christ, Son, and this is the blessing they led me into. Thank You, Ma'am Patricia. I took NCLEX last December 11, 2019, and for a week of agonized and wondered what the result might be. Earlier today, Ma'am Patricia informed me that I PASSED!!!!! With God's providence, I am now a USRN. It wasn't easy as I am currently working and studying at night and my anxiety came pretty much early, like 3 weeks before my exam. I can't concentrate. Thank God for my family for being my inspiration, my partner Yoshe, who understood and helped me cope, fed me, handled patients whose under my care, and kept reminding me of bible verses whenever I felt depressed. I owe this lifetime achievement to HEALTH CAROUSEL. I was once only dreaming of the US because I am not fortunate enough financially. But now, I am one step ahead to fulfilling the dream I thought can never be real. For those aspiring nurses, think outside the box, you're more of what you think you are. Don't be afraid. Just believe.

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