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"I passed NCLEX on my first take." - Nurse Clarisse Ann

"I passed NCLEX on my first take." - Nurse Clarisse Ann

April 28, 2021

I passed NCLEX on my first take!The Beginning of My NCLEX JourneyI joined HCPI last 2018, and after taking the mock test, I started answering the modules while filing for the documents needed for my NCLEX application. My NCLEX journey was a roller coaster ride. In February 2020, I have received my� ATT and I was scheduled for the April 2020 examination. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, my NCLEX was unscheduled. Come July 2021, slots were open once again and I was scheduled to take the exam in August 2020. In mid-July 2020, I was unscheduled again because of the MECQ situation.� After the MECQ was lifted, I got another scheduled for the December examination. Two weeks before my exam date, I got unscheduled again because the testing center is limiting the number of examinees to enter the facility. At that time, I just surrendered everything to God. I let go and let Him comfort me until the time is right for me.

On December 15, I was advised by IPASS that schedules were once again open. I got scheduled on the earliest slot available. I prayed hard that I may pass the exam at one take even when given only days to prepare. Aside from HESI, I also availed Uworld and Lippincott applications for my review. I did answer questions even when I am at work, during my break period. Even when working on a night shift, I answer questions instead of sitting and resting when I have some free time. My NCLEX timeline was full of challenges, but I am glad that IPASS did assist me well enough that I always feel at ease even when I am yet to be scheduled. I am grateful that they were hands-on and I felt how they wished me well in my examination. Add to that, I constantly update my HC advisor every schedule and unscheduled exam slot. After I took the exam on January 3rd, I availed myself of the quick results and learned the good news that I passed on my first take.With prayers and courage, be confident that even the unexpected cannot stop you from achieving your goal, it may not be in the time frame you want, but in God�s perfect time.A Message To My Fellow NursesThe struggles I have gone through were all worth it.� For aspiring nurses with US dreams like me, always be ready for the unexpected..Health Carousel Philippines, Inc. assists nurses through two unique programs, Aspire and Achieve. Both programs are provided through our partnership with PassportUSA in the United States. Here are the qualifications for each program.Click here to learn more: [button link="" type="icon" color="teal" newwindow="yes"] Begin Here[/button]

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