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"Start having bigger visions for your life." - Nurse Den-Den, NCLEX Passer

"Start having bigger visions for your life." - Nurse Den-Den, NCLEX Passer

April 21, 2020

I applied to Health Carousel 2 years ago. It took me almost a year before I started processing my application since I was working in Cebu City and I have to go back and forth to Iloilo City for my requirements. When I finished my HESI online review last July, I received my ATT after 3 months. I decided to resign from my job and focus on NCLEX. I only did self-study and practiced almost 12 hours every day until I consistently scored 60-70 percent on my practice questions. I only have 2 months to study and I have to make the most out of it. I prayed every day and asked God to help me not to give up on my dreams. After all, I have to study not for my career, the salary or for my pride but for the lives that I could save. I finished 265 items after 3 hours. I was so frustrated with myself because I should've spent my whole 6 hours analyzing every question. But then I knew my brain was already hazy and my eyes are tired because I barely slept the night before. Instead of spending my time cracking each question thoroughly, I only read the keywords and chose whatever I think was the right answer. When I stepped outside the building, I realized what I have done with my exam and at that moment, guilt seeps inside me thinking that I didn't give my best. I told my family that I failed so they can accept everything and I can go home at peace. I even messaged my program advisor, Ma'am Manyles if it is okay not to call me for my results and simply send an email instead because it will be devastating to hear that I didn't make it. I told her that my last few questions were all SATA and I'm not even 50 percent sure that my answers were right. Well, miracles do happen. I can't believe that I passed and I'm now officially a licensed USRN. To my HCPI advisers, thank you for being patient with me, especially during my processing. And to those who aspire to pass NCLEX, always remember that the sky is the limit. As long as you stay committed to your dreams, eventually, everything will turn into reality. Never be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and start having bigger visions for your life. You passed your nursing school and even our board exams. Believe in yourself and surrender everything to the Lord. Remember that fear kills more dreams than failure ever will.

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