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"Help and guide you from step 1." - Nurse John David, NCLEX Passer

"Help and guide you from step 1." - Nurse John David, NCLEX Passer

May 5, 2020

I joined HCP last 2017, I was not compliant back then. I was doubtful at first but what made me change my mind was when I discovered some of my friends passed the NCLEX with Health Carousel Philippines all-expense-paid from step 1 of NCLEX processing until you take your exam and availing its quick result! I'm very thankful to HCP and my program adviser Ms. Patricia Garcia who assisted and guided me every step of the way! What's good with Health Carousel Philippines is you don't have to worry about your NCLEX processing most especially for those who are working, you just need to comply with the requirements they will send it to you on time and you're good to go! Health Carousel Philippines will provide you with all the materials needed (notes and practice questions) just focus on your review and work. I took my exam last January 31, 2020 (Friday). It's as usual, a nerve-wracking moment when you sit and face the computer for the NCLEX exam. But you need to trust and believe in yourself and to God who provides all the knowledge and will guide you with your exam. My computer shut down at the 75th question and I'm not expecting it. I don't know whether I passed or fail! The questions are hard, especially the SATA (its simplicity makes it difficult so don't overthink just answer what's being asked). I have to wait till Monday for the result and those Saturday and Sunday was the longest weekend of my entire life! Hindi ko na alam dapat kong isipin. I'm preparing for the best and worst results! (Hahaha) But then I tried to compose myself and have faith in God! Monday came and Ms. Trish called me saying good news! I PASSED THE EXAM with 75 questions Everything pay's off, all the sleepless nights, and headaches caused by review, and all efforts we ( HCP and me) exerted. To all nurses who want to have their #americandream come true, Health Carousel Philippines can help you! If you have doubts about the company I'm telling you it's not true! Health Carousel Philippines will help and guide you from step 1 of NCLEX processing up to your first step to America!

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