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"Don�t stop believing in yourself." - Nurse Justine Marie

"Don�t stop believing in yourself." - Nurse Justine Marie

March 25, 2021

Dreams, dreams��. We all have dreams, and one of mine was to become a USRN, which was soon brought to life when I joined Health Carousel last June 2019 with IPass.The Beginning of My NCLEX JourneyI had difficulty reviewing because I was working full-time at the ICU and you know how exhausting it could be. But thanks to my adviser Manyles who constantly follows me up somehow, I was able to catch up with my study calendar. Then this pandemic aka Covid 19 came and I thought that maybe it would take long before I could take my NCLEX exam and at some point, I stopped reviewing and just focused on my work.But last October 2020 I finally received my ATT and the exam date that I chose was February 22, 2021. I was nervous because I stopped reviewing and seemed to forget the topics so I decided to leave my work last December 2020 to focus on my review but I could not focus because I had to help with our business. It was only last January 2021 when I realized I had only more than a month to study and that was the time I panicked up to the point that I was no longer sleeping just to finish a certain topic. and started to breakdown. But I reminded myself about my dream of becoming a USRN someday, I prayed to God to guide me on this journey of mine, and once again I was motivated.I had to secure travel documents first before going to manila because I am from Iloilo. Thank God I didn�t need to be quarantined when I arrived in Manila.Test day came, I was feeling all the emotions altogether but was able to compose myself when I started taking my exam. I finished my exam within an hour and was shocked when I got out of the room and realized that I was too fast and then� What ifs started invading my thought�. I looked for the comfort room, prayed, and started bursting into tears.It was last February 26, 2021, when I learned that I passed my exam. And I was so relieved.A Message To My Fellow NursesMy message to aspiring USRNs out there is that don�t stop believing in themselves. And with hard work, perseverance, and faith you will be victorious.Health Carousel Philippines, Inc.assists nurses through two unique programs, Aspire and Achieve. Both programs are provided through our partnership with PassportUSA in the United States. Here are the qualifications for each program.Click here to learn more: [button link="" type="icon" color="teal" newwindow="yes"] Begin Here[/button]

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