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"A great opportunity for newly graduated nurses." - Nurse Keem, NCLEX Passer

"A great opportunity for newly graduated nurses." - Nurse Keem, NCLEX Passer

May 19, 2020

I joined the program in May 2017 and took the NCLEX in June 2018. The review period for my NCLEX was not easy. I planned on enrolling in a review center but I had a hard time leaving the hospital where I am working due to a shortage of staff nurses, so I just continued my job and had a self-review. I purchased some online applications. Balancing the time for my work and review was challenging. I just had a few days off and most of the time, I felt tired when I reached home although I manage to allot time to review after work. So a few days before the schedule of my NCLEX, I visited a few churches and lifted everything to God.On the day of my NCLEX, the weather was not that good because of the heavy rain. I am also not feeling so well. Upon reaching the venue for the exam, the anxiety I felt has increased. Other test-takers seem to be prepared which made me feel so nervous knowing that I wasn't able to have a formal review. I took the exam. I encountered a lot of unfamiliar medications, diseases, and devices on the exam. After a few days, upon hearing the results, I just felt so blessed and happy that God responded to my prayers positively.The NCLEX program was a great opportunity for the newly graduated nurses who aspire to become a USRN. To my fellow Nurses, never lose hope in achieving your dreams. It's okay to experience failure at the beginning, what's important is how you strived in making your dreams come true. It's the courage and the determination to continue.

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