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"Continue chasing your dreams." - Nurse Luigi, NCLEX Passer

"Continue chasing your dreams." - Nurse Luigi, NCLEX Passer

April 28, 2020

I joined Health Carousel Philippines in 2016 and took my NCLEX this year. My NCLEX application at the start is a bit challenging for me because I am working at the hospital five times a week but with the help of Health Carousel Philippines and IPASS Processing, it became convenient for me. They are very timely in updating me what are the requirements I need to complete. My NCLEX review became challenging for me because of the limited time I can allot to my review due to my work. But through the help and support of my family and the words of encouragement from Health Carousel Philippines, I became very dedicated to my review. I always put in my mind my goal to pass this exam in one take to make myself and my family proud.

My overall NCLEX experience is a realization for me that no matter what challenges will come in your way in reaching your goal and dream, if you pray and believe in our Lord, everything is possible and He will give it to you. Just believe and never lose your faith because God knows when is the best time for you to have what you prayed for.

I would like to thank Health Carousel Philippines for the NCLEX Sponsorship Program you have given me. It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I will never forget and will always be thankful for. They are an instrument used by God for me to achieve my dreams. I hope you continue helping others who also dreamed of working in the US. And to all aspiring nurses, just continue chasing your dreams. Don't be pressured by the people around you. Don't let failures hinder you from moving forward and reaching those goals you set for yourself. Have faith in God because he will provide what you have prayed for in perfect time.

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