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Nurse Elaine Defied Odds and Found Her U.S. Nursing Career with Health Carousel

Nurse Elaine Defied Odds and Found Her U.S. Nursing Career with Health Carousel

May 20, 2024

There was a halt in hiring nurses during the retrogression but I was determined to look for opportunities anywhere I can. That is when I learned about Health Carousel after I inquired on numerous postings and different agencies. They are quick to respond and taking one day at a time I complied with their required documents.

I got pregnant and it was during the covid outbreak, I took things at my own pace and delivered my baby and got busy on other stuff but with the agency's motivation to push me and follow up to get things moving. I did the things that needs to be done, and after passing the English exam, the process was moving quickly and the next thing I know is that I already booked for my embassy interview to getting my flight tickets.

It is vital to know what we want and to reach over our dream. Even taking baby steps and having a leap of faith will get us to the direction we want to go. There are a lot of uncertainty and challenges that we will encounter but we must face them. We must choose the right people to entrust our application and Health Carousel has indeed fulfilled them as they have promised.

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