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Nurse Vicente Touches Down in Alabama

Nurse Vicente Touches Down in Alabama

May 24, 2024

Some people say, "Life has its own destiny," but a brighter destiny is much more desirable by all. For me, to achieve that level, one must exert virtues such as patience, perseverance, humbleness, faith, hope, trust, self-worth, and confidence. Just what I experienced in my journey to reaching my American dream with Health Carousel. In 2019, I was introduced by one of my good nurse friends about the agency, Health Carousel. Through a series of communications with the company staff, I was convinced to commit myself to applying or being recruited by them. Since then, I have faced terrible delays in my application process along the way. I took my IELTS exams four times before I got an acceptable band score in 2021.

I have undergone repeated needed examinations and was likewise subjected to a sputum examination twice. My first SLEC medical result also expired because the 2023 Visa bulletin retrogression caught it. Despite those difficulties, I still had my advisors, who were very supportive and provided encouraging, bright insight despite all odds throughout the process and the problems encountered. And now, early this year, in 2024, I finally got my interview date for the US Embassy and was thankfully approved. With great relief from the stresses I have been through, finally, after 5 long years, I'm so grateful to share that I will be deployed to Alabama. Lastly, for all my fellow nurses or medical workers who are dreaming of a green pasture in the USA, all I can say is to always pack yourselves with the virtues I mentioned earlier and to "never give up easily!!" God speed.

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