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"With Health Carousel, you will not feel neglected at all as they will tirelessly guide you" - Angelika, USRN

"With Health Carousel, you will not feel neglected at all as they will tirelessly guide you" - Angelika, USRN

May 27, 2021

When I graduated college and passed the board exam, a friend of mine referred the agency to me. At first, I thought that the contract handed to me was too good to be true and impossible for someone like me who has financial constraints when it comes to applying abroad. But my parents encouraged me to just sign it since I have nothing to lose, and why not give it a try. I signed the contract on the date of December 2017 and I was 20 years old at that time, very young and very clueless on what path I should take. For the past years, I have just gotten along with the process. All the instructions and all the compliance I did were for my agency, thinking I wouldn't waste time but to keep in touch. As a fresh graduate, I believe I had a strong foundation academically and the confidence to pass the NCLEX, so I did. I passed the exam last August 2019 and I can remember myself floating in the air when I knew about the result and thinking, I cannot do it without my agency's help. They have helped me along the way, financially and emotionally. I feel like with Health Carousel, you will not feel neglected at all as they will tirelessly guide you and they will lift you up whenever you're down. I honestly took the IELTS exam thrice and they did not give up on me. They gave me words of encouragement, gave a bunch of reviewers thru email, and corrected me if there is something wrong with my grammar. Of course, as a candidate, I also have lots of worries and concerns but when you ask them about it, they will instantly give you the answers and they will surely get back to you, in case the situation you are in is unusual.2 big lessons that I learned along the process are 1) Patience is a virtue and 2) Everything will fall into place at the right timing. Yes, the right timing is very important. If I am to give a message to my fellow nurses, I would say that opportunities are almost everywhere. All they need to do is to do their research and ask for help if needed. Honestly, I started with Health Carousel without a job and penny on me, but when you bring your dreams with you, anything would be possible. Just have faith in God and trust the process.

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