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"Trust the process, trust your petitioner." - Beverly Angelica, USRN

"Trust the process, trust your petitioner." - Beverly Angelica, USRN

September 28, 2021

A friend recommended Health Carousel to me. I signed up with them in 2018 with little expectation, knowing the process would be lengthy and tedious. To my surprise, everything went smoothly from the start to now. From Ms. MJ to Ms. Czar to Ms. Joanna, all of my advisors were approachable and extremely efficient. They kept me informed of the status of my application and ensured that we submitted documents on time. It's similar to having a sister who works alongside you and shares your struggles and triumphs. Health Carousel handles all processing; I would simply need to provide them with the necessary documents or if necessary, my signature. Not only that, but they also covered all processing fees, which made things a lot easier for me. Apart from document requirements and skill preparation, Health Carousel made periodic checks on my emotional well-being and readiness. The most important thing I learned about this entire process and journey, which I would like to share with my co-nurses who are also aspiring to work in the US long term, is to be patient. If you truly want something, it takes time and a significant amount of effort to acquire it. Trust the process, trust your petitioner. Additionally, it is important to follow all instructions provided to you by Health Carousel because they will only use the information you give to them. Talking regularly with your advisor is essential in order to have a productive partnership. Finally, maintain your faith, be truthful, always be kind, and have a grateful heart.I could not have done this without the support of my Health Carousel family. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I will never let you down and will honor the trust you have placed in me.

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