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"Health Carousel has made the process smooth and fast." - Ericka Angela, USRN

"Health Carousel has made the process smooth and fast." - Ericka Angela, USRN

December 7, 2021

My journey to becoming a USRN was not easy and perfect but Health Carousel has made the process smooth and fast. I have been with Health Carousel since 2017; a new graduate with no work experience and no money to start the USRN application process. I was so glad I found PassportUSA�s offer online. I was still single when I applied under the Aspire program and luckily, I got married and started my own family before being able to be interviewed and granted a visa in the USEM earlier this year.Health Carousel supported me and my family all the way since my NCLEX and IELTS preparation in 2019, and even though we encountered problems during the pandemic, this company did not leave our side. The online reviewers and interactive learning activities especially the ATI was amazing! I can say that it really helped to polish my nursing skills and refresh my knowledge so that I will not have a hard time during the US work transition.God is really good for giving me an opportunity to discover Health Carousel�s program. Having my family as my inspiration, the continuous support and guidance from my family, friends and advisors Ms. Pat, Ms. Liza and Sir Joniel have served as a great element for me to be able to reach my American Dream. Thank you very much, Health Carousel!

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