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"An American dream turned into reality." - Hansel, USRN

"An American dream turned into reality." - Hansel, USRN

December 7, 2021

I cannot remember exactly when did I joined Health Carousel but what I know is I started my journey last 2017. I was assigned to different program coordinators until I was handled by Karen Audrey Meruena last March 2018 to November 2019. She endorsed me to Joniel Cimeni starting that date up to the time I depart for the USA.The application process at the start was not clear and slow for some reasons that we cannot control. An example is a retrogression during the Trump administration. But then I saw an improvement of my case and priority date especially when President Biden won.My journey in HCPI is full of ups and downs just like our life that is full of frustrations and surprises. But all I can say is that I reached my final goal and destination with HCPI.To Karen and Joel, it is a job well done! Continue to be good advisors and inspiration to incoming Nurse candidates. I know it's your work to follow up every step in the process but your extra miles are well appreciated.The two big lessons I learned in the process were �not to give up�. In the world of the healthcare profession especially this time of the COVID pandemic, we are being valued the most anywhere in the world. �Appreciate this calling� for we are here to serve a purpose.To all aspiring, incoming, and future candidates of Health Carousel, welcome! In Health Carousel you are family. Never give up, keep dreaming for one day you will wake up and you would say �An American dream turned into reality�. Most of all, keep the faith and believe that God is the answer to all of your heart�s desires.

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