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"Health Carousel helped me in my immigration process" - Sandra, USRN

"Health Carousel helped me in my immigration process" - Sandra, USRN

December 7, 2021

I started the program on June 27, 2019, after I passed my NCLEX, IELTS, and VisaScreen. Health Carousel was the one who helped me in my immigration process and although my journey to my American dream was too long, I still kept my faith and patience for I know that God has a wonderful plan for me.It�s not an easy journey because there�s a lot of obstacles along the way but if you keep believing and focusing on achieving your dream, then you will surely overcome the hindrances and succeed in life.Always have a positive outlook even in times of trouble. Life is like the weather because it constantly changes. There will always be dry and rainy seasons in your life, but remember that after the rain there will always be a rainbow that will give hope to rise from the storm.Keep fighting and keep surviving.

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